Cambridge #RaspberryJam 14.07.12

We held a #RaspberryJam in Cambridge on 14th July at the University of Cambridge which was combined with a TeachMeet afterwards. Links to speakers, blogs, photos here. Liz Upton wrote this about the event. I interviewed Rory Cellan-Jones (BBC Technology correspondant) who wrote this and this. Ever wondered where the name Raspberry Pi came from?

This video, courtesy of @RasPiBeginners (less than 1 minute) gives a flavour of the event.

Alasdair Davies & Gary Fletcher of ZSL (London Zoo) gave a presentation on the challenges they face in their work and how they are using Raspbery Pi to help solve these problems.

Andrew Robinson of the Uiveristy of Manchester gave a talk on PiFace, recorded by Leon Cych.

Liam Fraser, the 17 year old creator of Raspberry Pi tutorials gave a talk explaining his motive for creating these tutorials.

Dawn Hewitson, Edge Hill University and Sally Elding, Cambridgshire County Council gave their perspectives on the Raspberry Pi and the Raspberry Jam event.

We had a panel session with many members of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, apologies about the sound.

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