Machynlleth Raspberry Jam, 21July12

I was delighted a few months ago to receive a question from 15 year old, Robert Buchan-Terry in Machynlleth, West Wales. He asked me “What’s the minimum age you need to be to hold a Raspberry Jam?“. Well we’ve never had a minimum age. He went on to tell me that he was excited by the Raspberry Pi and that he yearned to develop embedded computing projects. He asked if experts could come along to support his ambitions.

I was over the moon. Up to now I have managed to encourage some children to present at Raspberry Jams. So the idea that a child would want to host one seemed the next big step. However, I thought it best to make sure his teacher was involved as well. It’s clear that Robert makes a superb host. Here is the event page, you can see a list of those who signed up.

And so, it happened on Saturday 21st July, and by all accounts it seems to have been a great success. I love the ‘home made’ quality to this video and how it seems to suggest that you don’t need a fantastic amount of organisation to make one of these happen. There were a great number of people who supported this event. Special thanks go to Hannah Dee @handee who created the video, thereby allowing more people to experience the spirit of the event and she also brought lots of raspberry themed goodies courtesy of BCS Wales.

Hannah has also written a blog post about this.

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