Bristol RaspberryJam 20.08.12 with HD Video

Oh, we had a blast at Bristol RaspberryJam on Monday. Unfortunately, geeks in the West Country were forced to choose between our jam or the opportunity to watch Doctor Who being recorded in Bristol city.

Now, thanks to the marathon efforts of Matt Hawkins of RaspberryPi-Spy, we have an HD recording of the Jam (not Dr Who). The video shows the entire talks session and obviously does not include the ‘jam spreading’ sessions at the beginning and end of the evening or the demonstration suite. Trevor’s blog post published before the evening started explains what to expect, but his post RaspberryJam post is much more comprehensive and concise, highly recommended reading. It also suggests the next steps forward.

If you’re looking for an entertaining highlight, click here to listen to George, 9 years old asking Rob Bishop of Raspberry Pi a tricky question. The book that Rob refers to is a free download from here, and for those who still want to know, the technical answer is here. George has now started his own blog.

Speakers in rough order of appearance :
0:00:00 Alan O’Donohoe & Richard Pitkin (Innovation Centre Director)
0:06:50 Richard Horne (Heber & X10i)
0:16:00 Keith Dunlop (RISC OS)
0:28:40 Gordon (Basic)
0:40:50 Arthur Amarra (Robot Arm)
0:48:30 Rob Voisey (Pi + Imp)
1:02:00 Paul Hallett (DJangoPi Project)
1:12:30 Rob Bishop (Raspberry Pi Foundation)
1:23:00 Alan O’Donohoe

Here is a link here to one of our final talks, Paul Hallett and his Django Pi project. Click on the image below to watch this segment of the video. He has only 10 days to go for funding this project, he explains he has exceeded his target but hopes to attract more to extend the reach of the project, please support him.

There are some photos taken by John Honniball here and photos by BBSP here. Blog posts by Gordon Henderson and Paul Hallett. This is Bristol wrote a piece about the event.

You can listen to Monique Gionet explain why she came to the event and in this interview with Bonnie Dean and Richard Pitkin they describe what BBSP is and why they are proud to host the RaspberyJam.
Thanks to our sponsors BBSP, Heber and Broadcom

MiltonKeynes #RaspberryJam 19.08.12

Peter Onion, a volunteer at The National Museum of Computing hosted a Raspberry Jam at the museum on Sunday 19th August. Mark Wilson has written a blogpost here for you to read all about it.

Mark also wrote a blogpost about the London RaspberryJam on 20th June that previously snook under my radar. I recommend you have a read of this too. It’s great when people blog, tweet, take photos and record talks at the RaspberryJam events because it helps to spread the jam. If you’re heading to a RaspberryJam, perhaps you would consider sharing the experience. If you don’t have the time to write, record an Audioboo :-)


London RaspberryJam 25.07.12

We held the second London RaspberryJam at the Mozilla space on 25th July.

It was interesting for all sorts of reasons. Luckily, I have managed to recruit a crew of bloggers, tweeters, photographers, video bloggers so that all I need to do is direct you to their pages and you can see what all the discussion was about.

The Scientific Moustache writes about the talks with lots of links to follow

Tom Hannen’s blog features videos of the talks

Miss Philbin’s blog writes her opinions as a teacher and asks for support

Connected Digital World contains photos and comments

Competition winners announced very shortly