The CPC Raspberry Jamboree – 9thMar2013

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We held our first Raspberry Jam conference in Manchester on Saturday 9th March 2013.  Event details here for reference and you can look at our conference programme here. Next year in 2014, we aim to hold a 4 day Raspberry Pi conference event in celebration of the 2nd Birthday of the Raspberry Pi. The Thursday & Friday will be in Manchester and on the Saturday & Sunday we will link up with Raspberry Jam events all over the world. Register here for Raspberry Jamboree 2014 tickets and to find out how to sponsor this fantastic event.

At the 2013 event, there were two principal aims of the conference, but with more emphasis on the first aim:

1. One year on since the general release of the Raspberry Pi computer, we planned to identify successful examples of how it is changing computing education for the better. We particularly encouraged those with an interest in education to attend.

2. We also shared successful Jam-making practice. As Raspberry Jams continue to spread far around the World, we shared what a successful Raspberry Jam tastes like, the most successful recipes and the best ingredients so you can have a wonderful Jam in your area.

In this film from our closing Key Note, 13 year old Amy describes her passion for programming, she then explains how she met up with Ben Nuttall, a software developer and organiser of our Manchester Raspberry Jam and with his support she created a simulation of Conway’s Game of Life.

In this film recorded at the Jamboree, teacher Carrie Anne Philbin explains how attending the London Raspberry Jam helped her to see what kind of projects people are developing for their Raspberry Pi computers and in turn led to her developing some resources for teaching computing in her own classroom. .

A total of 365 people attended our Raspberry Jamboree, some of them travelling from across Europe and the Middle East and 140 registered for our webcast with about 50 – 80 people watching throughout the day. The webcast and recordings were provided by GloCast and I will be releasing these on YouTube over the next few days. Just some of the talks are here on this site, but more will be available on my Teknoteacher YouTube channel. This is a link to my photographs from the day, but there are many more elsewhere too.

Many people have written their own blog posts about the event and there was a double page article in the Times Educational Supplement on 15/3/2013, I recommend you read the following blog posts by Developer Nick Tollervey, Guardian Developer Blog, Enthusiast Jason Barnett, 11 year old Amy Appler’s blogpost, Computer Scientist Duncan Hull, Teacher Carrie Anne PhilbinDeveloper Gordon Henderson and Jon Archer. We also have some recordings from the livestream video cast of our ‘Slices of Pi’ room kindly managed by Digital Tree streaming.

Next year we are planning to hold an even bigger event over 3 days from Thursday 27th February to Saturday 1st March 2014 with many more ‘hands-on’ classes. Sometime between Friday 28th Feb and Saturday 1st March we will be celebrating the 2nd Birthday of the Raspberry Pi. Put it in your diary now.

Our graphics were created by the wonderful Peter Blatchford of LimeKnight & London Raspberry Jam