Five Interesting Raspberry PI Projects


1. A Minecraft Machine

Minecraft has revolutionized our online experience. The core technology that Minecraft uses is raspberry pi. Some of the areas that Minecraft machine is used is on teaching programming, science and mathematics. The awesome thing that raspberry pi has done to Minecraft is that it has made it fun to use. You can easily combine Minecraft and the Raspberry Pi development to make any persons’ online experience unforgettable.

To make a project using Raspberry Pi is very simple as you just download the software project and then you can start it. When the system is finally up, you can find a ten-year-old who can easily use the Minecraft machine for fun.

2. All-In-One RasPi

The Raspberry Pi on itself is an all thinking computer though it often used an embedded computer. This means in general that you can easily turn a raspberry Pi into a full computer by just adding a few components to the Raspberry Pi. If you wish to get into Linux computing, you can use the Raspberry Pi made computer as your first gateway into Linux computing.

Most servers use Linux operating system to manage and control its functionalities. So with just a Raspberry Pi, you can make a Raspberry Pi computer that can you can use to explore the world of Linux computing.

3. Audiobook Player

If you have books that are most listened to than read, then it is time you thought about a Raspberry Pi audiobook player especially during the summer when you just have your toes in the sand on the beach and an umbrella on top of you while you bask. Most of the time we have a book so it would be advisable and magnificent if you have a Raspberry Pi audiobook player.

This will most certainly help you in protecting your fancy tablet. The originator and creator of this project had the perspective of someone who is elderly for the interface that has one button on the Raspberry Pi audiobook player. Due to it being inexpensively assembled and being simple in design, it is exquisite for the beach and also due to its rugged look. With some few modifications, it can be easily water resistant.

4. Weather Station

Though a Raspberry Pi is operated using a Linux operating system, one can put in a Windows operating system on its tiny circuit board. One operating system you can choose to put in a Windows 10 core operating system. The Nifty Weather station uses a Raspberry Pi with sensors and shields.

The technology though used here is a bit more advanced than what may appear on the surface. This project incorporates many more complex projects hence it requires patience and discipline than other projects. You can use the Raspberry Pi to make such a weather station.

5. Robot Boat

Drones have become very common in the world especially as USA uses drones to fight ISIS, drones use Raspberry Pi to make it fully autonomous. This however doesn’t mean that Raspberry Pi are only used on drones to make them autonomous as it can also be used on a robot boat so that it can have autonomous electronic control.

On this project, you have to build a model for the boat. This is very inexpensive so you can continue with software portion which contains the code for the project. It is an awesome project and activity that can keep you busy.