Raspberry Pi System

Stock Prices on Raspberry Pi (python)

There is a new product that will display the price of stocks on the internet. This product is known as Raspberry Pi. To set up Pi the Python program can be used.
This introduction will show a person how to install a stock library and get the prices of the stocks in real time. This program will use Yahoo Finance API.
This program will also be compatible with the Linux system.

Step 1: Set up Raspberry Pi

To begin set up this system. All that is needed is internet access to be able to install the software. To get the program doing use Ultimate Raspberry Pi Configuration Guide to get the program started.
To get this program going Terminal on a Mac computer works well. Be sure to use the command line to get access to the tutorial on the Raspberry Pi program.

Step 2: Allow the Updates and Upgrades to run

When updates are available be sure to update the system.

1) To do so you will type Sudo apt-get update
2) And this type Sudo apt-get upgrade
3) Select Y to move forward
4) After this there will be a wait time. It usually lasts a couple of minutes.

Step 3: Pip Installation

Pip is the package manager for the Python program. Yahoo python will be loaded onto the computer with the Pi program.
1) Type in the following: Sudo apt-get install python-pip
2) Select the Y
3) This program will run for a couple of minutes.

Step 4: Install ystockquote

This program will allow the users to have access to the stock prices on Yahoo.

1) Type in the following: Sudo pip install ystockquote

Step 5: Time to Write the Python Script

This will allow a person to get data from the stocks.

1) Type in the following:
-> Mkditr stockquote
-> Cd stockquote
-> Nano stiockquote.py
2) The nano editor will then appear.
3) Once this appears type in the following:
-> Import ystockquote
-> tickerSymbol=’ADSK’
-> allnfo=ystockquote.get_all(ticketSynbol)
-> printtickerSymbol+’Price”=+allnfo(price”)
4) Then cntrl-X will allow you to save the .py file

Step 6: Run the program

This will allow the users to get the quotes from Autodesk.
Now all the users has to do is decide what stocks to purchase.
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