#RaspberryJam Locations

This page will be constantly updated. Please bear with me as I have a backlog of requests I am working through, this is all done in my free time when I should be ironing and painting the kitchen.

Some events are in planning stages, some are already happening. Use this tracker to see which of your neighbours have a Raspberry Pi computer and please add yourself to it.

UK Locations - So far we have groups in PrestonCambridge, Sheffield, Durham, London, Manchester, Brighton, Nottingham, Bristol, Machynlleth, Coventry, Penzance, Milton Keynes, Oxford, Somerset, Norwich, Essex , Warrington, Newcastle, Swansea with many more on the way. Tickets for many of our events are available here click to see where the next nearest one to you is.

USA Locations – Eugene – Oregon, Hillsboro – Oregon,  NewYorkCity, Silicon Valley – California, Marin County – California, Oviedo – Florida, Charlotte – North Carolina, Dallas – Texas, Columbus – Ohio.

Europe Locations – Athens – Greece, Brescia – Italy, Rome – Itay, Osnabruck – Germany, CERN – Switzerland

World Locations - Singapore, Melbourne – Australia, Sydney – Australia, Toronto – Canada

If there is no RaspberryJam running in your area, why not agree to host one. Our venues range from schools, offices, museums, business parks, universities and branches of Starbucks. They cost nothing to setup but pay back huge rewards.

If you would like to talk about existing jams or to find people to help set one up in your area, please visit the events section of the official Raspberry Pi Forums.

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